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For Authors

We will soon have a submission form for you to fill out for your new releases and limited promotions. We’ll also have a listing of permafree sweet books.

To be listed your book must be what this site considers a “sweet” read. Closed door sex. We don’t care or morally judge pre-marital sex. Your characters want sex? Go for it. Just close the door behind them. No graphic violence. No f-bombs. If you have any swearing it should only be used occasionally and be mild.

We are not looking for books where the conflict is based on any religion or faith. Most of our books listed have no faith-based element at all. If your book does, it needs to play only a mild role in the book, not part of the major plot line or conflict of the book. There are many sites out there for faith-based books. This isn’t one of them.

We’re just looking for sweet, heartwarming fiction. Romance. Historicals. Cozy Mysteries. Romantic suspense and other genres.

We’ll put up the link to the submission form when we get things all set up.